NEXT GIG! SAT. Nov 5th ~L.A. – Subterranean Dwellers: Xibalba

Subterranean Dwellers: Xibalba

(Costume Unofficial DeComp Party)

SATURDAY Nov 5th @ 9 PM to Nov 6th @ 4 AM

Location: Garage Gallery
715 Garland Ave, Los Angeles, California 90017

“The Maya underworld, known as Xibalba, is actually an incredible labyrinth of underground rivers in the Yucatan Peninsula. The Yucatan is otherwise devoid of rivers and lakes, but the Mayas believed that the underground fresh water pools that dotted the landscape were sacred portals to the Maya underworld. Now, the Maya underwater civilization is being explored and it is now known that the Maya underworld was created by a unique chain of dramatic natural events.

According to mythology, the Maya underwater civilization was ruled by 12 Maya Death Gods known as Lords of Xibalba. Their court lied below the surface of the Earth, in the Maya underworld, and the two ruling death Gods were Hun-Came (One Death) and Vucum-Came (Seven Death). The other Lords were demons that worked in pairs, each in charge of a specific type of human suffering: sickness, starvation, fear, destitution, pain and death. Other residents of the Maya underwater civilization were said to be people who had fallen under the spell of the demons. ”



Limbertimbre / PsyCircle

Psycircle’s own original, Limbertimbre (pronounced Lim-Ber-Tam-Ber) is an up-and-coming mad genius, releasing tracks on Tantrumm, Quantum Frog, Akashik, Psycircle, and a few other choice labels. He works in collaboration with Bodhi as Battery Leak, as well as with Kindzadza, Psykovsky, Antagon, and others. Originally a glitch-electro artist releasing on vinyl way back when, his unique style of psytrance is hi-tek-neuro, ranging BPMs from 155 and up.

Arahat / PsyCircle

I am a producer, mastering engineer, and DJ living in San Diego, CA, USA. Originally I hail from the suburbs of Boston, MA. Right now my main focus is writing psytrance but I am diverse with all sorts of other genres as I am an audio freak by nature.

I started DJ’ing in 1995 in the Boston area then moved to San Diego a couple years later. I was playing all sorts of music on vinyl back then, but when I found the Goa and Psy sounds, I changed styles and started learning the craft of writing this stuff.

I try to incorporate all of my surroundings and influences from friends and experiences into whatever project I am working on and I really enjoy collaborating with other artists when time permits. Especially when the group sounds nothing like each individual on their own. Instead the project tends to melt together with various ideas as we bounce them off of each other.

My aliases for the other collaboration projects include Monks of Madness (with Bodhi), Arabali (with Mubali) and Deipsyde (with Limbertimbre). I have worked on multiple songs with each of these freaks so we came up with names for them.

When we held the PsyCircle events, we asked the visiting artists to get comfy in our studio and get creative. There are a handful of tunes out there from these jam sessions if you look hard enough.

PsyCircle Studios can perform recording and mastering duties for dj mixes, live instruments or any computer based music; along with mixdown assistance or stem mixing for a slightly higher fee. Contact me if you would like more information about my setup, pricing, and availability for a project. Or, if you’re just a gear nerd and like to talk shop.

Barakuda / PsyTribe

The original founder and chief of the legendary PsyTribe productions in Los Angeles, started in 1997. In its 19 years of existence, Psytribe has paved the way for many producers, promoters and DJs which have flourished out of the L.A. scene. Psytibe has, and continues to set the standards and capture the essence of a true psychedellic trance party. With over 20 years of experience, Barakuda has gained the versatility to bring energy to the dance floor and keep it through out the entire set, no matter what type of music or time of day. Barakuda has earned the respect of the trance community worldwide by pioneering a movement on the west coast. Born in July 18th 1976 in Beverly Hills, California. Raised in L.A until the age of 14 then moved to Athens, Greece with his family. finished high school and went on to get a computer graphic animation degree at Akto University in Greece. In 1992 discovered the outdoor psychedelic trance experience and since then fell in love with the music and culture. In 1995 started to D.J. In 1997 he was drafted into the Greek Army so then he decided make love not war and fled to L.A. Once in L.A. the trance scene was no place to be found. There came the idea of PsyTribe since then he has organized hundreds of psy events introduce hundreds psy artist to the West Coast and has shared the stage with countless others.

DeliFi / Pulse LA

Deli-Fi is the alter-ego of Evan Silverman, a Los Angeles based musician with a knack for driving dancefloors wild with his brand of Psychedelic, fun and groovy full-power Trance. His musical journey began as a Psych Rock, Metal and Punk guitarist, but after encountering Psytrance during a trip to Israel he began dabbling behind the decks. Quickly working his way up the ranks of the local community, he started his tenure at Pulsar, then co-founded the short-lived, yet highly acclaimed Spirit of Goa org. He eventually found a permanent home with Pulse SF, a non-pareil crew in the US Psytrance scene. His mission is to use music to help people dissolve boundaries and shed their egoic self in a marriage of one’s inner light and darkness, thus achieving Gnosis that, in the words of William Blake, “If the doors of perception were cleansed,everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

Symbiot / Knob Twisters

{{Symbiot}} Dark Psy project by Metal rooted guitarist Jason LaCavera who was abducted by Psytrance/Goa in 2005 and has since developed an affinity for cerebral, dissonant, technical & intervallic spectrum of sounds. Experimental/ Dark Psychedelic Forest & Goa are some of the frequently explored atmospheres for a free range Symbiot.

♥Subocaj / PsyCircle

Julie, a.k.a. Subocaj, is a labeled DJ of Psycircle Productions, a collective of abnormal minds living under the radar of society working towards enlightenment and evolution. Subocaj’s passion involves sound design and creating electronic-musical compositions, as well as, mixing psychedelic trance music at outdoor gatherings. Julie currently lives in Long Beach, California where she studied music at California State University Long Beach, and graduated in 2007 with a B.A. in Music with a Concentration of Electronic Music Composition and Sound Design. Julie began mixing music in 2006 and lives for traveling and spinning at gatherings all throughout California – from Northern California up at Mt. Shasta with the STAR CAMP gathering, Trinity County with Mindfull Productions, Area 101 with Phoenix Family’s Gemini gatherings, Angel’s Camp with Alchemy Festival, in downtown Oakland at Psycircle’s NYE 2011, however, has the most experience and the pleasure of spinning in Southern California’s Mojave Desert, Los Angeles Forests, various indoor venues throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and at La Jolla Indian Reservation and deserts of San Diego County. She has coordinated and/or DJ’d at gatherings hosted by Psycircle, Psytribe, Pulsar, Noizemakerz, Terrakroma, and Integral gatherings. The most notable gigs Subocaj performed were at Boom Festival in Portugal in 2012, in Mexicali, Mexico with Acidmaniacs Records in 2012, and at a Nature Outdoor Party in Tiberias, Israel hosted by Kipod crew in 2008. Her favorite genre of music to spin is dark minimal psychedelic trance, however, Julie also enjoys composing groovy melodic-psy piano melodies that are sometimes featured or sampled in her DJ sets.

Psilovybe / SD

Versatile dj that holds no niche to a genre. His sets have enpowered many individuals on the dance floor with his Progressive Psychedelic melodies.

Pre-Donation Paypal link below:

(You do not need a paypal account to donate. You need to make multiple transactions depending on the amount of tickets you need. The card users name will be the one we receive and will be at Will-Call)

$15 Pre-Donation before 11/4/16 10pm
$20 @ the DOOR (All Night)

Please note:
This is an ALL CASH EVENT. We do not receive credit nor debit cards in the venue.

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